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WordPress Bitcoin Tips Plugin

This plugin allows collecting bitcoin tips from WordPress blog readers. Every blog post gets its unique bitcoin address for tips. This allows for detailed stats of tips per post, so you know which texts your readers appreciate the most.

Download the latest version from here

or from GitHub

The plugin requires that you use a BIP32/44 deterministic wallet and generates public keys based on xPub provided by you. This allows creating public keys your wallet without knowing your private keys, so it’s secure even if your WordPress is compromised. Only you are in control of all tips you receive.

The plugin uses API to handle per-post address generation and for notifications on new tips (used for stats displayed on post pages and to send you email notifications). You will need to apply for an API key at their website. It’s free to use and they also don’t have access to the tips you receive.

After installing the plugin, you need to configure it at in Settings > Bitcoin Tips. You need to provide your xPub key (used to generate public keys for your wallet) and API key. After you do this, there will be a tipping widget displayed under each post.

Main features as of current version are:

Tips are appreciated if you like this plugin and would like to support my work. Tipping address is displayed at the bottom of this post so by tipping you can also test how the plugin works. Feedback is welcomed as much as tips.

The plugin is available under the MIT License.

17 tips so far
0.42284728 BTC
(avg tip 0.02487 BTC)

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If you enjoyed reading this post, please consider tipping me using Bitcoin. Each post gets its own unique Bitcoin address so by tipping you're not only making my continued efforts possible but telling me what you liked.

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44 Responses to “WordPress Bitcoin Tips Plugin”

  1. Mirelo says:

    Nice work, but it still misses two important features:

    1) The possibility of enabling or disabling it by default, then respectively disabling or enabling it on certain pages.

    2) The possibility of positioning the output. For example, I use a footnote plugin, and the tip box appears between the main text and the footnotes.


  2. Thank you for your plugin, but please please allow changing the forwarding bitcoin address for posts created prior to updating the address. Fr33 Aid recently had its full Blockchain wallet stolen, and ironically, tips coming to our post about this theft are still going to our wallet for which the thief has full access. We see that you plan to make this update soon – could you please expedite? Many thanks!

  3. SubProxy says:

    Nice plugin, but would you pleasev add a tick box so that the tip box does not show on the front page. For example, I have five ‘continue reading’ on the front page; and the the plugin tacks a tip box at the bottom of each front page article.

  4. johnd says:

    Is there a way to lower the minimum? I see from a post below that the minimum amount to get sent is .001 which is currently 84 cents USD. From my own experience using this I’ve received tips as low as .0005 though I know people have sent even smaller amounts, so I beleive that theshold has been halved. Still, 42 cents is rather high for me as I’d like to promote micro-tipping. Also, what happens to the remainder? After a set amount of time does it go back to the sender? stay in limbo indefinitely? Thanks!

  5. Marni says:

    Hi Terk,

    It would be really great if you could put a UI in the plugin so that we can control the types of posts that this shows up on. For instance, it is not appropriate for use on pages or in our shopping cart pages.


  6. Tharyn says:

    Hi, I am having trouble with the plugin appearing on my posts after configuration. I set everything up, but it’s not showing up. Any ideas?

  7. Well, i would like to use this plugin in my website. I just shared an article on my blog about bitcoins.

  8. Juanmi says:

    Ohhhh! nice one. I just installed on my blog. Thanks a lot for ur work! :)

  9. hephaist0s says:

    This is a fantastic plugin – thanks! Just sent you a tip.

    I just set this up on a site and everything seems to work, but after sending a test tip it still says “No tips yet.
    Be the first to tip!” even though the tip has gone through and been received (12 confirmations). Any suggestions?

  10. What about uploading this plugin to the wordpresspluginpage?


  11. Julian says:

    Great Plugin!

    For some reason, it’s not showing on my posts.

    I’ve added the correct information (btc address) in the settings of the plugin, but nothing appears at the bottom of the posts.

    Is there any way to manually add it to the bottom of the pages? Maybe it doesn’t work with my theme?

  12. Cam says:

    Great plugin! I am not skilled in code at all… and I wish to only place one instance of this plugin on my site, at the last page or posting.

    Any thoughts on removing the plug on EVERY posting, and maybe allowing just a short code to instal on a page or 2…or only a posting or 2?

    Thanks for the consideration!

  13. wjsqsn says:

    good job.
    could you update it for not allow it appear in page ,but just post.

  14. eniefaC says:


    I’m using your plugin and it’s great. One thing though, please consider internationalizing it).

    Also, is it a choice to not publish it on Github or some other similar platform ? I feel like a lot of people may contribute.


  15. Marcel says:

    This looks promising!

    Installed the plugin, but it only shows for logged in users. Am I overlooking something?

  16. Rex says:

    Thanks Terk! It is great. I worked out how to put in a link in the text box by Googling it and finding out about html tags. So good to get the Bitcoin message out

  17. pinguino says:

    We love your plugin! Any plans to offer different sizes or make it so you hit a button for the QR to appear? It’s the size of half of our posts.

  18. Raam Dev says:

    Awesome plugin. Thanks! Now I can put a tip button on my essays. :)

    By the way, I added a couple of features here:

  19. Rex says:

    Great plugin and I’m happy that it will help to get the Bitcoin message out. In the tipbox text I have the following:

    If you enjoyed reading this post, please consider tipping the author using Bitcoin. Don’t know how to get Bitcoins? Go here

    However I don’t know how to make that link into a hyperlink. Any advice would be appreciated!

  20. agilob says:

    I’m waiting for this to be added to official wordpress repo!

  21. Nice job !

    I’ve just modified it a little because I didn’t want the QRcode to appear on the home page.

    Replacing this :
    if (!$post->ID) { return $content; }

    with this :
    if (!$post->ID || is_home()) { return $content; }

    Maybe you should consider adding an option for that :)

  22. Chris says:


    Just trying out your plugin and have a (possibly silly) question…

    I setup the plugin with a destination address that I created in my QT wallet.

    I see that every post then has a different destination address…

    I sent a small tip from my wallet as a test to one of the destinations that it created, but it hasn’t found it’s way back to my wallet’s destination.

    Am i missing something?


    • Terk says:

      What is the post-specific address which you sent your test tip? I’ll check in the blockchain what happened to that coins. It’s possible that you sent it without fees and it stuck somewhere or bounced back.

    • Terk says:

      The issue here was that the tip amount was too low. Tips are forwarded to the destination address when 0.001 BTC or more is collected. Chris sent 0.0001 BTC which is too little. This money isn’t lost – as soon as another tips are sent and the balance reaches 0.001 BTC or more, the whole amount is forwarded to the destination address.

      This is a API limitation and it’s totally understandable, as they pay 0.0001 BTC fee for each forwarding transaction (and it’s free for you, they pay it from their pocket).

      • johnd says:

        Is there a way to lower that? The exchange rate has gone up quite a bit since this came out so that the minimum is now 84 cents USD. I’d like to promote micro-tipping, ie much smaller amounts. Also, what happens to the remainder? After a set amount of time does it go back to the sender? stay in limbo indefinitely?

  23. Hi Terk,

    I’d like to get this running on my wordpress site which uses Thesis 2. I noticed just installing it isn’t sufficient to make it work, nor is there any “bitcoin tips” in the “widgets” section of wordpress. Probably I need to add a box/css/widget to my theme explicitly. Any tips on what code might accomplish that?


    • Terk says:

      You need to go to Settings > Bitcoin Tips and setup your receiving bitcoin address where all tips will be forwarded to.

      • Hi Terk,

        I configured an address for where the bitcoin should be sent to, but nothing appears at the bottom of my posts. I highly suspect that this is because Im running Thesis 2.0, which hijacks the skins and layout of wordpress. I would guess that this plugin would work in Thesis with the explicit creation of a box and matching CSS within the Thesis skin editor, and then placing this box into the “Single” (post) layout. I have no idea how to do this though. Any help would be appreciated!

  24. John says:

    Hi Terk,
    Any updates to the plugin?

  25. colbert says:

    great work on this plugin. Will share it with my blogger friends.

  26. Hey awesome work here. Just installed on my site. Is there an easy way of configuring the plugin to assign the bitcoin widget to only certain post author IDs?


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